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RAL Plan to RAL Classic

Before you start converting RAL Plan to RAL Classic, it is important to know, that RAL Plan chart was created with RAL Classic chart in mind. And honestly, this means, that none of the RAL Plan colors exactly match any color from RAL Classic selection. Simply because RAL Plan chart is intended to introduce new colors to RAL color collections.

However, we can still try and succeed finding a best match between these two RAL color charts or in fact, any range of colors.

Alter: RAL Plan ⇄ RAL Classic
Enter RAL Plan color code
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Important: This input form is very strict when it comes to input code format, the only acceptable format is RAL-000-00-00 or RAL 000 00 00 for RAL Plan codes.

Currently, we are using HEX codes for intermediate conversions so you will end up on HEX to RAL conversion page. The original RAL Plan code will be matched to equivalent color from RAL Classic palette.

We sure hope that you will find this tool useful regardless some imperfections and appreciate the effort to make this converter publicly available.

RAL Plan to RAL Classic